EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands

EINDBAAS vs. Night Arcade

EINDBAAS teams up with Amsterdam based Urban Road Records 1984 Night at the Arcade: Europe’s leading 80's inspired synthwave event. Prepare for a onetime collaboration with a clash of chiptune & synthwave extending each other in a journey through 80's nostalgia.

Monodeer (NL)

It’s not often we ask an artist back to play an EINDBAAS edition for the third time, but Monodeer is just so damn impressive. Using two classic Nintendo Gameboys, he energetically expres, challenges, and breaks through the pixelated boundaries of the micromusic scene. Monodeer's own brand of heavy, noisy, lo-fi mastery will get you moving to the sounds of deep chip-bass and melodic hooks. Minimal means. Maximum sound.

Absolute Valentine (FR)

The founder of Lazerdiscs Records, producer and live performer: Absolute Valentine does it all. His electronic music is a mixture of synthwave, outrun and darkwave, heavily influenced by the 80s aesthetics. Absolute Valentine lives a fast life and played beside artists such as Carpenter Brut, Anoraak, Lifelike and many others.

Demoscene Time Machine (DE)

Demoscene Time Machine has been making melodic bleepy music since 2008. Inspired by old SNES soundtracks, DOS demos and the ever-versatile range of the PC speaker, he’s now in full force producing heavy dancefloor-friendly fakebit music with catchy melodies and infectious beats.

Sung (FR)

Sung is a French-Korean electronic music composer based in Paris. Since 2013, he has dedicated himself to creating tracks that are heavily influenced by the 80’s and movies like Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, or Tron. His compositions are a blend of retro synthetic sounds and powerful urban beats that make you feel like you’re cruising down the streets of a futuristic city; many of them are featured in independent video games such as Half-Line Miami or Fragmental.

Dj Devereaux 85 & EINDBAAS DJ Set

Besides EINDBAAS himself, the founder of Urban Road Records and 1984 Night at the Arcade, will also treat you with a DJ set. Influenced by 1980's pop culture. Devereaux 85 takes you on a musical journey through time. His DJ sets consists of 80's inspired Synthwave, powerful funky Nudisco, blended with glitchy House Classics.