In the spring of 2009 Frans Twisk brewed up the plan to organise a show in Utrecht for 3 Italian musicians who make techno on a Nintendo Gameboy from 1989. "I'm sure I'll manage to convince 30 of my friends to pay a fair price and come and see this".

Convincing wasn't necessary: More then 150 people showed up and it paved the way to becoming the line of reoccurring parties it is today. Wether in Utrecht, at ACU and EKKO or Melkweg in Amsterdam: every single edition has been packed with people and filled with party. The organisation grew out to be an actual collective. It is called EINDBAAS.

EINDBAAS represents everything chiptune related in The Netherlands.

In the past 10 years EINDBAAS has organised 26½ official editions in both Utrecht (ACU & Ekko) and Amsterdam (Melkweg). In 2012 we organised an official Blip Festival afterparty in New York and in 2014 the official Europe In 8-Bits documentary premiere (and prepaerty!) during IDFA in Amsterdam. A total of 124 artists & visualists have performed on an EINDBAAS edition, some of them multiple times.

Upfront on some of these editions, 8 open stages where held, where a total of 63 upcoming chipmusic artists performed, usually in small underground venues. In 2013 the Dutch EINDBAAS Collective was born, consisting of artists like Men of Mega, xyce, RoccoW, Arcade Superstar & DS-10 Dominator. The collective toured in The Netherlands and Europe in the following years, and played over 35 parties alongside many other performances.

EINDBAAS occasionaly performs DJ sets, and has played 89 sets all over the world till this day.