EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands


After more than two years the wait is finally over: A new EINDBAAS edition is happening! It's time to enjoy some nostalgic squarewaves, produced by a wide range of hardware. From Gameboy Classics to modern laptops. And of course, we'll have some nice visuals to go along with it. We're excited. Are you?


DEFENSE MECHANISM has made a name for himself as one of the most technical chiptune musicians, using the Nintendo to its fullest potential. His latest album Slycology features some of the most ambitious sound-design the scene has seen in recent years. Combine that with a keen sense for original compositions and an energetic stage presence, and you’ve got a performer that’s ready to bring this party to the next level. We first got the chance to hear him play live at Bitgrid in Belgium and are extremely excited to welcome him to the Netherlands!


Computer Science student by day, chipmusic/bitpop producer by night. EX-LYD’s tunes can be described as high-energy and insanely happy. The opener to his second album Chip Heat has been played over 1.8 million times on Spotify alone! With every edition, we try to book an artist to represent the Dutch chiptune scene. And EX-LYD is more than suited for that job!


We’re bracing our sound systems for her arrival, because those subwoofers are going to be put to the test! Inspired by the sounds of late 2000’s dubstep classics, as well as other forms of bass music, Infotoxin has blown us away during several live shows, including 2015’s Superbyte Festival. Her compositions are dark, chill and inviting, and we’re thrilled to hear what she has in store for us!

RoccoW - DJ Set (NL)

During our ten-year anniversary edition, it was announced that the original EINDBAAS himself, Frans, was taking a step back from organizing to focus on other things. Since then, RoccoW has stepped up to the plate to take on most organizing responsibilities. During EINDBAAS 27, he'll be delivering a DJ set to round out the evening!