EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands


Hold on to your butts! EINDBAAS is returning to EKKO in early 2019. We'll be dusting off our Amiga's and replacing the batteries on our Gameboys to deliver another night of raw, lo-fi electronic dance music!

Fastbom (SWE)

Fastbom is one in a line of many great Swedish chiptune musicians and we are very happy to represent the Scandinavian scene for this edition. His happy-go-lucky music is bound to bring a smile to all faces. Backing his melody orientated tunes is some incredibly tight instrument programming, demonstrating just how much of a punch the Gameboy still has!

Alex Lane (UK)

After delivering a stellar performance at the open stage of EINDBAAS 21, we knew we had to get this man on the main stage. Alex Lane has contributed to a plethora of chiptune compilation albums. Do not be fooled by his innocent and charming smile. Whenever he's not bombarding you with big, epic chord progressions, Alex doesn't shy away from shoving some heavy bass in your face!

RoccoW (NL)

This class clown will be familiar to some of you. Ever since playing the open stage way back in 2011, RoccoW has been performing shows across the Netherlands as well as prominent chiptune festivals like Superbyte (UK) and Square Sounds Tokyo. His musical style can best be described as groovy, funky and melodic. Combine that with an expressive stage presence and you've got an act that is bound to get the party moving!

Hoffman (UK)

Hoffman is a mainstay name in the the Demoscene. He's been pushing old machines to their absolute limit since 1991 and is showing no signs of stopping. Using two Amiga 1200's, his back catalogue features drum 'n bass, garage, glitchop and a slew of electronic genres. H0ffman pulls - no - punches!

Visuals by Berry de Jong (NL)

Jack of all trades Berry de Jong, also known for his music under the alias Megathrive, will provide visuals to zone out to when you need a break from dancing. Join him on a journey, exploring symmetrical aesthetics

Merch & goodies by Bitropolis Utrecht!