EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands


Dust off your consoles and blow out your cartridges: It's time to go back to the future again! Your favourite 8bit / nostalgia / chiptune party has returned for another epic edition in 2018. The line-up for edition 23:

EINDBAAS 23 Open Stage Pre-Party up front at De Kargadoor from 21:00 till 23:00! Want to perform? Check the event details!

Pain Perdu (FR)

French duo Pain Perdu turned heads with their incredible debut EP "Nouvelle Lune", released on the infamous Japanese chiptune label Cheapbeats. They've been praised for their incredibly technical instrument programming, creating massive walls of sound using only a single Gameboy. Get ready for massive EDM drops and intense Drum 'n Bass rhythms!

Eat Rabbit (FR)

Take a trip down the rabbit hole! French underground producer Eat Rabbit has been involved with the micromusic scene since the early 2000's. His humorous and anomalous approach to chipmusic makes him stand out in a crowd (the rabbit mask also helps). His grooves are impeccable, his sounds psychoticly pleasant. Don't worry, we're all mad down here! Bring your most original moves and dance to the sound of this crazed animal!

Duke Slammer (UK)

Not limited to one genre, Duke Slammer (also know as Luke Sanger) produces everything from down-tempo, off-beat boogie to nostalgic acid house. His use of old synthesisers and vintage drumcomputers create recognisable feel, while creative synth licks create great vibes all-around. An unmistakeable musical character, the Duke is sure to deliver great vibes which goes hand in hand with any chipmusic performance.

Meganeko (SWE)

Swedish producer Meganeko combines the simplistic sounds of chipmusic with modern electronica. On his 2016 album "Technokinesis", he proves himself to be a true jack of all trades. Whether it's drum 'n bass, hardcore or glitch-hop, no modern electronic genre is safe! He's also collaborated with some of the most respected Scandinavian chipmusicians, including Rymdkraft and FantomenK.