Melkweg Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Once you’ve reached level 14, you know one thing for sure: an EINDBAAS never surrenders. Having conquered the Melkweg castle in Amsterdam, EINDBAAS is there to stay. Lock this date in all of your calendar systems, because it’s going to be one helluva EINDBAAS you’ll tell your grandchildren about. Live performing:

George & Jonathan (USA)

Chiptune’s one and only lifestyle gurus George & Jonathan are flying in from New York City to teach you a thing or two: how to dance; how to look nice, how to LIVE! And they could know, cause these fellas belong to the absolute world top of chiptunes, with their hot chipfunk like a Sega Megedrive with hotsauce. DJAAA!

Sabrepulse (UK)

Chiptune hotshot Sabrepulse and EINDBAAS sounds like a match made in heaven, but actually these two heavyweights go way back, starting with an amazing show at EINDBAAS back in 2010. What happened? There’s not a single chiptune festival on this planet he didn’t play at least once. He just keeps on spitting amazing chipsounds, effortly switching from dubstep to drum & bass and from electro to good old fashioned house music. His new masterpiece ‘Bad Code E.P.’, will be released this summer. Dig!

Zalza (SE)

Oh no! _ensnare_ cancelled due to nasty fate. The good news is that we are super lucky to have found demoscene superhero Zalza prepared to fill in for him! Alexander Bulér from Sweden has been making chip music since 1997, delivering a full length album and a handfull of EP's. He’s the only chiptuner who even got his own meme: remember the the 2204355 chicken man? Yep, Zalza.

Gwem DJ Set (UK)

Gareth Morris belongs to the first wave of chiptuners and has been ‘that guy with Atari ST and Flying V guitar’ for over a decennium. Also, he has a vast collection of chip music that goes way beyond that of the EINDBAAS crew. That’s why he’s bringing an Atari Rave DJ set you don’t want to miss. GwEm knows!

Men Of Mega DJ Sert (NL)

Love NES? Bart from Men of Mega will kick off with his all-time favorite NES soundtracks! Hip Tanaka, Takashi Tateishi, Kinuyo Yamashita, better known as Brinstar, the Moon, Dr Wily's castle and do the ROB!