EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands


You are hereby invited to the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of EINDBAAS! Join us in celebration Nerd Culture and lo-fi electronica! Experience the power of your favorite forgotten video-game hardware: Gameboy, Atari, Amiga. Hecking heck, let's get crazy and throw some modern computers into this electronic, musical cocktail! Witness live performances from both international and local talent!

Steve (UK)

This guy is a busy bee, being a member of the bubbly pop group Kero Kero Bonito, delivering one of the most entertaining Boiler Room DJ sets as Kane West. Steve is no stranger to the chiptune scene, having performed at SuperByte Festival 2014 in Manchester. We could try and explain how he combines rave-era house bangers with cheap toy instruments, but his music is too unpredictable to put into words. Though we can guarantee one thing: You will be entertained! https://soundcloud.com/stevenosurname

Rymdkraft (SWE)

A name synonymous with fast-paced, ultra happy melodies. With appearances all over the world at many prominent chiptune shows, he's made a name for himself with his optimistic performances. With his latest release "Bloop Troopers" EP, Rymdkraft explores modern methods of music electronic production, while also paying tribute to his tried and true bleepy-bloopy roots https://rymdkraft.bandcamp.com/

Kubbi (NOR)

Kubbi's seamless blend of 8-bit sounds and progressive rock is undoubtedly top tier chipmusic! Having rocked the stage at EKKO back in 2016 and releasing his latest full-length album "Taiga" in 2018, Kubbi is more than ready to amaze us once again! https://kubbimusic.com/

Kenobit (ITA)

Those who attended our 19th edition and saw this madman play will know that the Italians don't mess around. Kenobit is known for his incredibly fast tempo and raw sound-design. And we are thrilled to have him back! https://kenobit.bandcamp.com/

Visuals by The C-Men & VJ Chipwarrior

Before we have our international acts play we'll be hosting an expo in EKKO's café area showcasing artwork and pictures from our previous editions. We welcome early visitors to join us and dance to some of our local artists during the silent chipdisco. Space is limited and it's first come first serve, so if you want to hear your favourite Dutch musicians play make sure to get in early! Doors open at 21:00 o'clock.

So bring your friends, put on your party hats and let's dance like we're ten years younger!