EKKO Utrecht
The Netherlands


EINDBAAS X was pretty legendary, but the legend of EINDBAAS continues. We have three amazing international chip superstars lined up on friday 18th of January 2013, you won’t regret. And of course we’re starting the night with an open stage at our former venue ACU. Ready? here we go!

Psilodump (SWE)

As a true pioneer of chiptune, he’s one of Those Guys that got us into chiptunes in the first place. Simon Rahm is of course, from Sweden. Since the beginning of the nineties, he’s been a successful electronic musician, with dozens of releases on labels like Monotonik, Kahvi Collective, 8bitpeoples, Candy Mind, Demon Tea, Data Airlines and his own 476 records. He’s also one of the founders of Mikrodisco, the legendary chiptunes club in Stockholm. Alas, the Microdisco is no more. For gods like Psilodump, we’ve got EINDBAAS now.

Chipzel (UK)

We’re proud to present our first female and also our first Irish artist at the EINDBAAS stage. That can only be one: Chipzel! The 21 year old Northern Irish Niamh Houston does amazing crazy stuff with Gameboys on stage and she’s internationally recognized in doing so. Not exactly the happy bleepy stuff that you would expect with such a cute little girl, but brutal kick-ass chiptunes that will sweep you right off your dancing shoes. Beware.

Monodeer (NL)

Monodeer must be the Dutch chiptune artist with the most international success. Mark van den Heuvel is a very respected and recognized chip musician, especially by the almighty Blip crew, which got him performing at no less than three Blip festivals: New York, Japan and Australia. Even the famous gamer blog Kotaku ranted: “Additional highlights include the Blip debut of Monodeer, from the Netherlands, who could easily be considered the next big thing; every vet of the chip scene was beyond impressed, and every lady in house was in love.” Monodeer produces the darkest sounds you’ve ever heard out of two Gameboys. No happy blip blop bleeps for him, only kick-ass noise and lots of hard hitting bass.

VJ The-C-Mmen & Lasers by MASTERPJ555 (NL)

OMG! Lasers everywhere! Because last time was so awesome, the whole room will be completely stuffed with lasers again, by light artist Master (and Bronie) PJ555. VJ the C-Men aka Julian van Aalderen will be joining us, with his unique Amiga visuals. Come see!