EINDBAAS DJ Set at Klik! x Vice Party

zaterdag 10 november, 2012 vanaf 23:00 in EYE, Amsterdam

KLIK! and VICE partner up to bring you a pandemonium of a party in Arena at EYE on the Saturday night of the festival. Featuring the irresistible rhythms and the finest beats by Nobody Beats the Drum and the most awesome, danceable bliptastic sounds of the King and Queen of the European chiptune scene in the form of dynamic DJ duo EINDBAAS, the brand new roof of EYE is sure to be blown into the stratosphere, never to be seen again. This is the party that you’ll tell your grandchildren about… the parts you’ll remember, that is. So get that badonkadonk on the dance floor and shake it for all that it’s worth, courtesy of KLIK! x VICE!

EINDBAAS DJ Set at Klik! x Vice Party Flyer